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im gonna smash y’all destiel shippers in I swear 2 me mum

__-- that-weird-girl-in-docs said: You are literally amazing thank god u made this blog my Friends both watch spn and every time they talk about it I want to pull out their pubes and shove them down their throats

you’re welcome friend

Crowley + Sam nicknames

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I started watching Supernatural today, like I said.

There were women burning on ceilings.

And two good-looking men going on a hunt for creatures and their dad.

I don’t understand most of what’s happening.

But I love it.


Wish xtzm a happy birthday go do it nerds

I want Sammy to bring home McDonalds for Dean and then Dean being all upset because he can’t eat any of the fries.

__-- Anonymous said: You are amazing, that's it,Bye :3

u 2 bbu

__-- Anonymous said: Hey,tag your hates maybe? Because there are people who really like the show :) have a good day!

I do what I waaannnnttttt